Making a Claim

If you need to make an insurance claim you've probably already suffered a stressful experience. So we'll do our best to make sure that your claim is processed as swiftly and efficiently as possible to avoid further distress. And if immediate repairs are required, our nationwide team of local professionals will ensure that things are put right as quickly as possible.

Claims involving broken glass

Motor Vehicle

If you need to make a claim for broken glass on your car anywhere in Australia, go to or call 1800 068 985.


If you need to make a claim for broken glass on your Residential property (like windows or glass doors), call Express Glass on 1300 666 234 or O'Brien Glass on 1800 071 397.

Car, Home and/or Contents, and Landlords Insurance Claims

Useful tips

  • Report incidents such as burglaries, theft, personal injuries and malicious damage to your local Police.
  • When you call 1800 827 502 we can advise you on local recommended repairers and tow truck companies.
  • Following a burglary in your home or in your car, secure the premises or vehicle against weather and further damage or incident.
  • If you believe your vehicle or motorcycle will be damaged further by driving it after an incident, call for a tow truck.

How much will my excess be?

The excesses applicable on your policy are noted on your Certificate of Insurance. If you haven’t got your Certificate of Insurance handy, or if you have any unanswered questions, just ask our helpful Claims Department on 1800 827 502.

Theft and burglary claims?

When making a claim on contents or valuables that are stolen, you will need to provide QBE with proof of ownership of the items. An invoice, operating manual, valuation, or a photograph of the item can be used.