Building Sum Insured Safeguard – we will pay up to 30% more than your building sum insured to repair or replace your building, if you suffer a total loss, if the cost to repair or replace your building is greater than your building sum insured*
Environmental Upgrades to your Building – cover for costs incurred to improve your home to become more environmentally friendly following an accepted claim for a total loss to your building
Environmental Upgrades to your Contents – cover for additional costs that you have incurred to improve the environmental rating of your appliances following a claim for loss or damage to the item
Fusion – the process of fusing or melting together the windings of an electric motor following damage to the insulating material as a result of overheating caused by an electric current
Riot – damage to your building and/or your contents caused by riot, civil commotion, industrial or political demonstration
Loss of Rent – rent you lose or would have lost up to the time your building is built repaired or replaced if you leased out your building or can show that you would have leased it out
4 year new car replacement option – if your vehicle is a total loss, it will be replaced with a vehicle of the same make and model, if it is no more than 4 years old from the date of purchase when new
Finance Gap Cover – cover for the difference between the total loss amount and the payout figure from the financier up to 25%

*Benefit applies if:
1.  The Policy insured your building
2.  There is an error in the QBE Home Building Calculator and they've done the right thing by entering the correct information into the calculator.
3.  There is a demand surge following a catastrophe event that resulted in an increase in repairing the damage to your home.